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Purchasing a new business can be an intensive and complex. It is easier for those that have past experience in owning businesses but for many some assistance is appreciated. We at RealAmerica Realty® pride ourselves in assisting in making the buying and the selling experience easier by using our expertise and knowledge to help clients make smart and economical decisions. With a combined experience that has helped literally hundreds of customers and clients, feel free to reach out to us. In our efforts to make the buying and selling experience easier, we have affiliated and been a long standing member of the Business Brokers of Florida. To help initiate that ease, the Business Brokers has a cooperation of agencies throughout the state of Florida. .

Following is a link to the Business Broker's MLS. Feel free to utilize this tool to search our proprietary list of businesses by type of business, price range, owner benefit and specific keywords.

Click here to access the Business Brokers Multiple Listing Service (MLS)

Please note: This list contains businesses that are offered on a co-operating basis by members of the Business Brokers of Florida. All information listed is approximate and should be re-verified by the listing office after contact with our office. All listings herein are exclusive to the member agencies of the Business Brokers of Florida—as of the date of submission—and have been accepted for publication subject to the cooperation between member brokers as executed and on file with the Business Brokers of Florida.

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