1What can RealAmerica Realty® as a business brokerage do for me?
A business broker helps people buy or sell a business. This includes retail shops, restaurants, franchises, service businesses that distribute or print, all types of manufacturing, laundries, and other industries.
2Do you only sell businesses in Florida?
We are able to sell listings exposed to thousands of potential buyers in the state of Florida, across the nation, and worldwide.
3Our resources are limited. Do you sell any small businesses?
Our company will sell businesses that list for under $50,000 and sell for $5,000,000 or more. Many businesses offer very attractive terms with a low down payment and owner financing. Therefore, even if you have limited resources, you still may be able to purchase your own business.
4What does it cost me to use you?
As a rule, there is no fee or charge to a buyer. There is also no fee or charge for a seller to have a consultation with us, or for a seller to list a business for sale with us. Our compensation usually is in the form of compensation earned when we successfully bring a ready, willing, and able buyer together with a business owner.
5Can I buy a business if I am not a citizen of the U.S.?
There are several means by which a non-citizen can buy a business, but a visa or other documentation may be required if you intend to operate the business yourself. This can lead to many restrictions. The ideal situation is for a non-citizen to become a lawful permanent resident. Otherwise, a non-immigrant visa may be needed. Some allow the person to work in the U.S.; others prohibit employment. Because this is a complex issue depending on each personal situation, we refer questions to a legal specialist dealing with these special situations.